Instant Rest API from your MS SQL database.

Build and deploy your REST Web API in minutes, no code required.

REST API from Visual Studio

Use your Visual Studio 2017 to generate initial code for Web API. Our product will automate repetitive tasks by generating entities, models and controllers to build a complete REST API.

Visual Studio Unit Test

The quality of the generated code is always important. Instant Web API generate unit tests for all the tables used in the project to make sure that you get the best final version.

Relational Database

The code generated includes foreign key checks for post and updates, so that will comply with data integrity. Also, it uses unique indexes to check for duplicates and in doing so avoids orphan records.

Live API Documentation

Instant Web API uses Swagger UI, to provide you with interactive documentation. Live documentation allows a user to try out different method and parameters and see the request, responses in real time.


Annual License of this product provide technical support for a whole year.