Questions and answers

  1. I see that this software is using Visual Studio 2017. Do I need a license for this product?

  2. I don't have a license for Microsoft SQL Server. Do I need one?

    • No, Microsoft provides a free download for SQL Express Edition server.
      You can get yours here.

  3. I see that a backup of AdventureWorks database is provided with the installation. How can I restore it on the server?

  4. Once the code is generated am I able to modify it?

    • Yes, by purchasing a license you should be able to modify the code however you see fit.
      However, please don't remove License Copyright acknowledgement:

      This code was generated by Instant Web API code automation software (
      Copyright Exesoft Inc. © 2019

  5. I created my Visual Studio solution as an administrator. When I ran InstantWebAPI I get an error message about writing rights.
    How can this be fixed?

    • If you created the stub solution as an administrator, then InstantWebAPI needs to be run as an administrator as well.

  6. We have a database with 80 tables
    How many tables and views can this software generate the code for?

    • This code was tested against databases with more than 100 tables. Web API project code gets generated pretty fast, but generating Unit Test code it might take a while.
      We recommend generating the code for a limited number of tables at a time.

  7. We have a database with multiple schema. Can the code be generated for all the schemas at the same time?

    • No, this version of the software only allows generating the code for one schema at a time.
      Further customization can be added by sending a requests to Customer Service